Mike Bidwell, Founder & CEO

Mike Bidwell, Founder & CEO

Our Story

Founded in 1982 by Mike Bidwell, CMS of Madison has grown to be one of the Madison area's top janitorial companies. Still a hands-on owner, Mike conducts cleaning inspections personally. From the top-down, each employee is devoted to providing the best for our clients. This hasn’t happened by accident. It is due to Mike’s commitment to excellent customer service and seeing employees and management as the key to the company’s success.

“In an industry where an astonishing 400% per year employee turnover is not unheard of, CMS of Madison has little to none. We believe in hiring career cleaners who take pride in their work. Consistent staff means a job well-done for you, and goes a long way to create peace of mind for our clients.”
— Mike Bidwell, Founder and CEO

Our Mission Statement

CMS of Madison has established new standards in the commercial cleaning industry by meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations. We are dedicated to treat each other with dignity and respect, and provide jobs that help each and every member of our staff achieve their personal goals. As a company, we strive to put integrity and standards before the pursuit of growth, and to be better than the competition.