Are spider webs taking over your building?

For the most part, spider webs are pretty easy to remove.  A broom or a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment will work in most cases.

Unless you actually eliminate the spiders, cobwebs will reappear after you have removed the spider webs.  What can you do to prevent them from returning?

1.  Maintain a regular cleaning schedule.  Frequent dusting and vacuuming not only takes care of unsightly spider webs, but it also wipes out spider eggs and nymphs.

2.  Seal cracks and windows.  Also, make sure any window screens you have are in good repair and fit frames snugly.

3.  Keep your area organized and clear.  Piles of clutter are a good source of refuge for spiders.  

4.  Turn out the lights when you are not using a room.  Insects like lights, and spiders like insects.

5.  If you are still having problems with spiders and webs, call an exterminator.